Musictoday Announces New Environmental Programs

"There is a strong movement among artists and fans today toward minimizing their individual impact on the environment," said Musictoday founder Coran Capshaw. "We launched these programs in partnership with our clients because we believe fans sincerely want to improve the environment and these programs make it very easy for them to do so."

Tickets Plant Trees gives fans the chance to purchase a tree, grove or forest of trees in the neediest areas of the world with every ticket and/or merchandise item they purchase directly from their favorite artist. Just $.15 added to a purchase will plant a tree in some of the neediest areas around the world. Tree planting is administered by Musictoday partner Trees for the Future.

Carbon Neutral Concerts gives fans the chance to purchase offsets to the carbon they create in attending live events by making an optional charge during the ticket or merchandise buying process. Just $.40 added to any transaction will offset the equivalent of CO2 produced by a fan who drives 150 miles to and from a concert. Musictoday partner NativeEnergy administers the program to purchase clean and renewable energy sources.

Musictoday’s initial tests of these programs have demonstrated that up to 50% of an artist’s fan base will voluntarily make a contribution to offset their contributions to deforestation and carbon emissions. Musictoday and its partners expects to plant millions trees and offset more than a hundred million pounds of carbon in the coming year through these programs with participating clients and their fans.

About Musictoday

Musictoday is a world leader in connecting artists directly to their fans through online fan clubs, artist e-commerce and fulfillment, VIP packaging and artist fan club and secondary market ticketing. Musictoday’s roster of 700 clients includes Dave Matthews Band, the Rolling Stones, John Mayer, Kenny Chesney, the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Christina Aguilera, AC/DC and the Grateful Dead. Musictoday employs more than 200 personnel and is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia.

About NativeEnergy

NativeEnergy helps individuals, business and organizations fight global warming by helping to build clean renewable energy projects including new Native American wind farms and family farm methane projects. NativeEnergy focuses its support on Native American, farmer owned and charitable purpose renewable energy projects that produce social value in addition to cleaner energy to fight global warming. NativeEnergy is the choice of leading environmentally and socially responsible organizations, including Ben & Jerry’s, Clif Bar and Stonyfield Farm, as well as those in the music industry who are helping to fight global warming, including Dave Matthews Band, R.E.M., Guster, Barenaked Ladies, Jack Johnson, Bonnaroo and more.

SOURCE: Musictoday

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