Life at Live Nation

We live for artists

Artists are the heart of what we do and we have deep reverence and respect for their creativity.  We believe live music is vital to art and culture which is why we’re on track to pay artists over $12 billion in 2023, making Live Nation by far the largest financial supporter of musicians. Beyond global touring deals and festival performances, our Artist Nation group offers services such as management, business marketing and consulting to artists across all genres.

We live for decentralization

We don’t believe in bureaucracy and we don’t mandate synergy. We keep our corporate teams small, because we trust that our decentralized divisions know how to make the best decisions for their businesses in real time.

we live for ideas

Part of working in a creative industry is imagining what could be and exploring the possibilities. We encourage everyone at Live Nation to dream big and email our CEO with ideas to move our business forward.

we live for entrepreneurship

Employees who thrive here are self-starters who are experts at what they do. While we give a tremendous amount of independence to our employees, we are also precise and exacting about performance. There is no hiding behind process here. You are evaluated on your results and concrete contributions to our business.

we live for focus

We have a long “To Do” list but an even longer “Not To Do” list. As the demand for live events continues to grow across the globe, we have to stay focused on our core mission of connecting artists with their fans for those magical hours of live music.

we live for talent

We believe talent comes from any place or background. This is not a place for elitists. We hire people for who they are – hard workers who deliver results and are passionate about what they do.

we live To Take Care Of Our Own

One of Live Nation’s guiding principles is to
take care of our own. That applies to our artists, fans, partners, and of
course, our employees.

To deliver on this philosophy, we make sure our benefits and perks are
set up to take care of all aspects of your life:

Take care of yourself

Our unlimited vacation policy allows
people managers to take time off
when they need it.

Our in-house mindfulness experience provides
employees with techniques to relieve stress,
boost creativity, and improve problem-solving.

Our employee ticket concierge services
will help you with free and no-fee
tickets to concerts and festivals.

Almost all of our offices around the world
welcome furry friends – no need to worry
about finding a sitter.


Full-time employees receive broad
spectrum care with health,
dental, and vision coverage.

An on-demand health care concierge team
has got your back and is always standing
by to guide you through your medical
and pharmaceutical needs.

We cover special insurance costs to make sure
you’re covered through tragic circumstances
like major accidents and illnesses.

You deserve to be you – and we’ll cover the
costs if you need help on your journey
to get there.

Take care of your career

Dedicated to growing future leaders
from within, this program develops employees
who have taken initiative and want
to grow with Live Nation.

An exclusive partnership with renowned international corporate consulting & executive life coaching firm Handel Group, offering employees and executives access to career development and leadership experts – producing radical results and lasting performance tools.

Employees are rewarded with public recognition and extra cash
for contributing to new intellectual property
and technology.

To ensure you’re always learning, we help pay
for graduate, undergraduate and continuing
education courses.

take care of your family

We provide 6 months of fully paid time
off to primary caregivers so they can bond
with their new child, including adoptions.

We want employees to be in control of their family,
or future family, so we help fund egg freezing,
IVF and other voluntary fertility needs.

Our version of bring your kids to work day,
this annual event turns over 100 of our offices
around world into a family-friendly festival
for employees and the little people in their
lives, including children, nieces, nephews,
close friends and even mentees.

take care of others

Every employee receives 5 paid days off to engage in charitable
functions and volunteering for causes important to them.

We provide 3 weeks of paid bereavement leave
for employees to assist with end of life care or grieve
the loss of a family member.

take care of your wealth

With student loan debt at an all-time high,
we’re proud to have been the first entertainment
company in North America to offer student
loan repayment assistance. We’ve saved our
employees over $4 million since the program
launched in early 2017.

To ensure everyone can own equity in our business, employees who
purchase LYV stock and hold it for 6 months, are eligible for a 25%

We provide competitive 401k matching to make
sure employees are set for the long term.

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