The Biggest Rock In Rio Of All Time Starts Tomorrow

The biggest edition of all time has 17 different entertainment areas, 9 stages, over 300 shows, 700.000 people during the seven days and an economic impact for the city of Rio de Janeiro estimated in more than 400 million dollars.

Stellar lineup includes Drake, Foo Fighters, P!nk, Bon Jovi, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Iron Maiden, Muse, among others, and shows will be worldwide streamed by LivexLive. Fans around the globe can also participate in the Amazonia Live campaign through the fundraising Fans for Change– an auction of autographed instruments by renowned artists such as Foo Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls, Red Hot Chili Peppers, P!nk, Nile Rodgers. 

Rock in Rio, the no.2 brand that most moves people (QualiBest research, Brazil) is preparing to open its doors for another memorable edition – 20th edition worldwide – and the biggest of all time. The event, which takes place during 7 days (September 27, 28, 29, October 3, 4, 5 and 6) in a venue of 385,000 m²(Olympic Park, Rio de Janeiro), offers 17 entertainment areas(six more than in the previous edition), 9 stages and over 300 shows, including the ones of Drake,Foo FightersP!nkBon JoviRed Hot Chilli PeppersIron MaidenMuseImagine DragonsEllie GouldingBlack Eyed PeasScorpions,Panic! At TheDiscoDave Matthews Band,Weezer, and many other international and Brazilian stars. 

The festival will run for 14 hours daily (from 2pm to 4am) and the 100,000 people who will pass through the City of Rock each day will be able to engage in a whole new level of experience, in a venue designed for visitors to circulate in a continuous flow. Outside the venue, right before the main entrance, visitors will start to feel Rock in Rio’s vibe by being greeted by artists at the Carioca Stage. When entering the City of Rock, a world of entertainment awaits, starting with three Olympic arenas that the festival transformed in different entertaining experiences: NAVE – Our Future is Now(an artistic installation that uses music, art and beauty to connect people and promote transformation), Fuerza Bruta(world-famous Argentinian theatrical experience) and the Gameplay Arena(dedicated to the gaming industry). 

Continuing, visitors will find Route 85, inspired by the iconic Route 66 but dedicated to the festival’s history, telling Rock in Rio’s journey from its first edition (in 1985) until now. Right around the corner visitors will find the New Dance Order, focused in the EDM music, a stage that promises to be one of the most photographed ones, with a majestic design. At Rock District visitors will see recreations of iconic music videos and shows from renowned Brazilian musicians that they usually don’t play for the public. Passing this, Favela Space will definitely mark a new chapter in the history of Rock in Rio. This stage, which scenery portrays the poorest neighborhoods of Rio de Janeiro (the favelas) in a poetic way, presents a unique content with 22 shows along the 7 days, amplifying the favela’s voices of today.

Rock Street Asia can almost be seen from this last stage.200 meters of temples, palaces, Indian dances, South-Korean and China musicians, and many other presentations.  Besides these, the City of Rock also as a Gourmet Square with several gastronomic proposals, a VIP area and, of course, the Main Stage and SunsetStage, where national and international artists such as SealWhitesnake or Jessie J will perform. To complete this music-theme-park, a roller coaster, a mega drop, a ferris-wheeland a zip linecan also be found inside the venue. 

Rock in Rio’s impact on Economy & Tourism
According to a study by Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Rock in Rio’s impact on the economy of Rio de Janeiro is estimated in more than 400 million dollars. According to another research held recently by QualiBest in Brazil, from a ranking of 26 huge brands such as Google, Nike, Apple and McDonlad’s, Rock in Rio is second as the brand that most moves people. 

About 60% of the attendees come from outside of the state of Rio de Janeiro, which will positively drive the city’s tourism. The hotel network from Rio de Janeiro is full-steam ahead for this Rock in Rio edition. According to the ABIH (Brazilian Hotel Industry Association), the numbers from August 2019 show that the hotel occupation rate was already 78% for the first weekend of the festival, and 79% for the second one, in Barra da Tijuca region, where the event will take place, and around 80% for the rest of Rio de Janeiro (capital city).

Fans for Change – Auction for Amazonia Live
Launched in 2016, Amazonia Live is the most audacious social project from Rock in Rio so far, in collaboration with FUNBIO, ISA, Conservação Internacional, among other partners. Since 2016, Rock in Rio has already planted more than 3 million trees in the Amazon rainforest and aims to restore 28,000 hectares in this same forest until 2023.

Aware of its capacity to amplify discussions about relevant themes, Rock in Rio launched another initiative to engage fans around the globe in the reforesting of Amazon rainforest. These fans have now the opportunity to participate in an auction, guaranteeing their exclusive instrument autographed by his/her idol and, at the same time, contribute for the cause. 

The list of items for the auction include the skin of the drums of Foo Fighters, autographed guitars by Goo Goo Dolls, Red Hot Chili Peppers, P!nk, Nile Rodgers, Paralamas do Sucesso, and others, and bands such as Nickelback, Imagine Dragons, Helloween and Black Eyed Peas are giving the winners the opportunity to be present during the signing of the guitar. 

Auction is available at and all funds raised will be placed into the reforesting of Amazon rainforest, with funds being managed by Brazilian Fund for the Biodiversity (FUNBIO) and the implementation by Instituto Socioambiental (ISA). 

About Rock in Rio
Founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1985 by Roberto Medina, Rock in Rio rapidly gained a reputation of World’s biggest music and entertainment event. On its first year, 1,38 million people gathered at the first City of Rock in Rio de Janeiro to watch iconic artists like Queen, AC/DC, James Taylor, George Benson, Ozzy Osbourne, Yes and Rod Stewart over the course of 10 days. The venue, specifically built for the event, was named City of Rock.

Over the years, Rock in Rio has grown into a global phenomenon and has been staged in four countries: Brazil, Portugal, Spain and USA. 

With more than 9.5 million people in 19 editions, more than 2,038 artists have performed in 112 days of event. Over the past editions, more than 212,000 jobs have been created and more than 73 million trees donated to Amazon.