Five Iconic Knitting Factory Entertainment Venues Renew with Ticketmaster to Manage Shows and Get Tickets To Fans

Ticketmaster has renewed its deal to support Knitting Factory Entertainment and their multiple iconic indie venues, including namesake clubs in Boise, Brooklyn and Spokane, as well as Federal Bar in North Hollywood, and Big Sky Amphitheater in Missoula Montana. These venues have utilized Ticketmaster to help get tickets into the hands of fans since 2013 and are looking forward to the return of live events.

Ticketmaster has decades of experience supporting the unique ticketing needs of clubs and grassroots venues. The Ticketmaster Clubs offerings will continue to provide Knitting Factory Entertainment venues with support “from offer to encore,” including booking tools to hold dates, send offers, and manage calendars; a full-service ticketing platform to build, manage and maintain show inventory; and comprehensive marketing suite with API feeds to handle website updates, a newsletter and email system, and tools to help grow and diversify their local fan base.  

“We’ve seen year over year exponential growth with the Ticketmaster Clubs and TicketWeb platforms as well as a steady expansion in marketing tool utilization that helps our venues sell tickets while making it easier for the teams to build shows. There’s been a long productive partnership with Ticketmaster through the years and the positive momentum continues to build, their team is always on point, fantastic engagement and spot on performance with their system. We look forward to a continued mutually beneficial relationship” said Morgan Margolis, CEO/President, Knitting Factory Entertainment.

Ticketmaster Clubs delivers the company’s industry-leading tech solutions in a DIY platform, designed to make it quick and easy for club owners to use every day. Plus, there is a top-tier client service team standing by for 1 on 1 support and guidance on best practices. With input from existing client venues, Ticketmaster continually strives to provide a variety of new features and technologies that help make it easier to power and grow their businesses. The company has most recently developed their ‘SmartEvent’ technology – a suite of solutions to support a safe return to live, including tools for timed entry, contactless box office and more. 

Margolis furthers stated ” Ticketmaster Clubs and TicketWeb has stood behind our company during the pandemic as a partner helping us in multiple areas and working with us to make strategic decision for our future as we begin to open back up.”

“Every artist begins their live career in small clubs like the Knitting Factory, and the ultimate goal of Ticketmaster Clubs is to help venue owners get even more fans through their doors to enjoy the acts they have on stage each night,” said Todd Kasten, VP, Ticketmaster Clubs & TicketWeb. “We provided the analytics and tools that allow venue owners to amplify their gut instinct in really powerful ways.” 

Ticketmaster services venues across the country, most ranging from 200 to 3,500 capacity with GA and Reserved / VIP ticket offerings. 

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