Live Nation Venues Lead Industry with New All-In Pricing to Make Ticketing More Transparent for Consumers

Live Nation will begin providing a new all-in pricing experience for concerts at the venues and festivals the company operates across the United States starting this September.

Live Nation has been advocating for all-in pricing to become law for many years, and joined a forum at the White House today hosted by President Biden to discuss this and other reforms that would benefit artists and consumers. With all-in pricing, fans can see upfront the full ticket price, including fees. Fans typically know tickets will include service fees, but seeing the total cost from the start makes buying tickets easier and consistent with other retail shopping experiences. 

Tom See, President of Venue Nation, said: “Live Nation is proud to provide fans with a better ticket buying experience. We have thousands of crew working behind the scenes every day to help artists share their music live with fans, and we’ll continue advocating for innovations and reforms that protect that amazing connection.” 

In addition to all in pricing, Live Nation and Ticketmaster joined with an industry-wide coalition earlier this year to promote FAIR Ticketing Reforms that protect artists and fans, while pushing back against laws that enable scalping. FAIR Ticketing advocates for:

  1. passing federal all-in pricing legislation
  2. letting artists determine resale rules
  3. making speculative ticket selling illegal
  4. enforcing the 2016 BOTS Act